A Commissioner for the Review of Locals will be in your region to talk about how important Locals are to the MN–S government and get your input on what could change moving forward. Be a part of the process and let your voice be heard.

Please check our ever-growing Q & A section for accurate information. If you have a question, Contact Us and ask it. Keep an eye on the Region Visits to see when we might be near you. Join us and let’s have a conversation about how the Regional Review might affect you.

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Episode 1

Welcome to the Commission of the Review of Locals- purpose and frequency

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Episode 2

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Creating a Compelling Future - Part I

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Creating a Compelling Future - Part II

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How to Participate in the Locals Virtual Interview

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Nation Building in the 21st Century

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Review of Locals Virtual Interview
Your Input is Valued and Necessary

The Commission for the Review of Locals is reaching out to Métis citizens, communities, Locals, and their leadership to invite them to discuss and develop the definition and function of Métis Locals within the MN–S governance structure through face-to-face meetings and a virtual interview process. The virtual interview invites citizens to share their experience with their Local and asks participants to discuss and rank specific ideas related to the overall goals of the Commission and to identify any ideas that are not listed but should be considered. Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. Please be assured that any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and secure. We will not share your personal details or responses without your explicit permission. All data will be collected and stored in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Thank you for your participation and trust. The interview can be completed on your phone, tablet, or computer and should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. If you don't have access to a device, please contact the Commissioner at [email protected]

Take The Virtual Interview

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Upcoming Consultations in SK

The Commissioner is booking dates and locations across the province to engage citizens to be a part of the process

Contact: [email protected]

Q&A with Commissioner

We want to hear from you, wherever you are in the province. Please lend us your comments and questions, we will add as many as we can to this list, please check back to see what Métis are asking. If you have any questions please contact: [email protected]

How was the Review of Locals and the role Commissioner established?

At the Fall 2021 Métis Nation Legislative Assembly (MNLA) delegates passed a resolution which “hereby appoints a Commissioner for Locals to review and examine the status of all Locals, both recognized and unrecognized, in Saskatchewan and report that status of those locals to the next sitting of the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan”.

What is the role of the Commissioner?

An important part of the Commissioner’s work will be to engage in a non-partisan way with Locals and Local Memberships, as well as MN-S citizens who are not members of a Local, to ensure the breadth of perspectives among the citizenship are fully represented from a grassroots and regional level.

Who will be consulted by the Commissioner for the Review of Locals?

MN-S Executive members, Regional Councils, Regional Directors, Local Presidents, unrecognized Locals, Provincial Métis Youth Council and President, MN-S citizens that are and are not members of Locals will be consulted to ensure their knowledge and perspectives are included within the review process.

How will the various groups and individuals ensure they are able to contribute their perspective to the consultation?

The Commissioner will schedule meetings with the MN-S Executive members, Regional Councils, Regional Directors, Local Presidents, unrecognized Locals, Provincial Métis Youth Council and President. MN-S citizens that are, and are not, members of Locals can schedule a meeting with the Commissioner using the Request a Meeting Form on the Commission for the Review of Locals website. In additional to face-to face, telephone, and web-based interview the Commission will be using a virtual interview/survey to collect and review data from MN-S citizens to learn their experience, perspectives and recommendations on the role and function of Locals. A link to the virtual interview/survey will be available on the Commission for the Review of Locals website.

How will the findings and recommendations be shared?

All consultations will be summarized in the final report that will include recommendations accompanied by suggested implementation strategies and timelines. The report will be submitted for the Metis Nation Legislative Assembly in the fall of 2023 and subsequently published on the Review of Locals.

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As the commission travels the province, our Q & A will grow from Métis Citizens questions, please contacts us and submit yours.